Sports vCards are a smart alternative to traditional paper business cards. 

The electronic format of a paper business card can be easily shared with others through email, text, social media, NFC technology, or QR codes.




Athletes need digital business cards

Fast. Secure. Agile.

As an athlete, you know the importance of having a strong network. And what better way to strengthen your network than by using digital business cards?

Creating a website, blogging, tweeting, and making an online presence is fine, but nothing builds credibility and authority like having a digital business card.


Coaches need digital business cards

Trackable. Measurable. Empowering.

When important interactions happen, sharing anything more than your name becomes a solution that paper just can’t take care of.

An electronic format of a paper business card that can be easily shared with others through email, text, social media, NFC technology, or QR codes.


Agents need digital business cards

A website and social media is just not enough.

Your digital business card is going to be essential to your business— it is also going to change the way your clients and contacts interact with your brand forever.

All your phone numbers. All your emails. All your social media accounts. All on one central platform built to help you grow your digital networking footprint.

The right connections create the best experiences.

Organized contact information help teams work better together

What are digital business cards?

A digital business card is the digital version of your paper business card powered by our cloud-based platform, and Tap & Go (NFC) technology.

A digital business card helps you be more efficient.

Many connections are started online across various social media accounts, marketing channels, and websites. Your life, your team members and fans are all online. Of course, so should your business card.



Complete control and visibility of access to your data.



Contact information sharing made simple



Your data is only visible to those you choose to share it with.
Everyone deserves a custom digital business card.

Make your brand stand out from the noise.

Our customization specialists are digital business card experts - it's just that simple!

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Imagine your organization having its own branded digital business card (SAAS) Platform.

You need a multi-user Digital Business Card Builder system (SAAS) that creates business digital cards for every member of your team with the contact details and information they can share with their network of contacts.

Easily create, update, and securely distribute your contact information.

Your dashboard, templated cards, and advanced controls make challenging tasks simple, from branding to messaging, content across social media platforms, and more.

Say goodbye to concerns about running out of paper cards or missing out on potential opportunities.

Your digital business card is going to be essential to your business— it is also going to change the way your clients and contacts interact with your brand forever.


Your team can now be empowered with the fastest, most secure Tap & Go (NFC) devices.

Tap & Go near-frequency communications (NFC) devices are comparable to QR codes, only faster and easier. 


The Problem


10 Million paper business cards are printed in the U.S. alone. Eighty-eight (88%) percent of distributed paper business cards are lost or discarded in the first week.

The Solution


Now you can share your digital (vCard) link via text, or email, or Tap & Go device. Best of all, you can post your vCard link anywhere you can share a web URL, and contacts can scan and share your QR code (included) in seconds.

Simply tap a contact’s NFC-enabled smartphone with a Tap & Go device and witness the magic.

Just imagine the time you will save with a Tap & Go device.

A Sports Vcard, coupled with a Tap & Go device, will empower you and your staff to share digital information effortlessly and securely in one single swoop.

Now all your team members can optimize all their digital touchpoints.

Our Tap & Go devices are the most potent near-frequency communications (NFC) on the market, allowing team members to share pertinent digital information securely with a simple tap.

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Tap & Go NFC tags (signage and small stickers that you attach to any object) are great for public spaces.

Best of all the information you want to share: promotions, coupons, and of course contact information can all be easily updated when linked to your digital business card.

Now you can make digital contact information sharing simple.

We’ll create digital business cards specially designed for your organization.

Say goodbye to concerns about running out of paper business cards or missing out on potential opportunities.

User-Friendly Central Dashboard:

We provide you with a platform that provides an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that allows you to manage all your digital business cards, GPT assistants, and staff member’s cards in one place.

Fast-Loading Mobile-Ready:

The digital business cards created with Prepaared vCard Builder are fast-loading and 100% mobile-ready, ensuring a smooth user experience for every mobile user.

Secure and Compliant:

Your platform will use 128-bit SSL encryption for maximum security and ensure GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliance.

Ground-Breaking Features:

Your branded platform uses cutting-edge features, including a drag-and-drop editor, built-in lead management, and intelligent analytics.

Digital Business Cards are the right choice.

Discover the value of your digital business card (SAAS) platform and the many benefits of being Prepaared.

Benefit 1: Staff members will only need to choose a preapproved card for their department’s customized templates.

Benefit 2: Set up will include contact details, products/service links, or anything else you want. Zero coding or design skills are needed.

Benefit 3: Now all the user has to do is – activate their Tap & Go (NFC) device, paste the digital business card URL and your staff members are ready to go.

We’ll integrate your customized platform with business tools that automate your processes, create efficiency across your entire stakeholder pipeline, and help nurture connections. 
CRM Integration

Automatically sync new contacts to your main database, set up marketing automation, and connect to a Slack channel.


Zapier connects you to the apps your team members use every day. There are hundreds of integration options we can link to automate your client journeys and your lead generation.


If you want a custom integration, we can use a webhook. Only available for select business platform accounts.

We can elevate your website visitor’s experience with the power of i2ei.

We’ll revolutionize your website’s visitor engagements by converting its content into a dynamic bot.


Leverage a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology to transform your business.

Can be purchased seperately

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Get Free Access to A.I. Staffing for one year, with your custom digital business card platform.

Chat with your A.I. staffer like SIRI or Alexa, in multiple languages, and ask them to create things, like documents as often as you want.

Each A.I. staffer specializes in a specific field, including lead generation, accounting, legal advice, marketing, sales coaching, social media management, and more.

Discover how i2ei has revolutionized customer interactions, empowering businesses with transformative engagement and driving unparalleled growth.

Your branded digital business card platform will empower all your team members.

Human connectivity is a key element for everyone in achieving satisfaction in person or online.

A Sports Vcard simplifies contact sharing of digital information effortlessly and securely.

Say goodbye to concerns about running out of paper business cards or missing out on potential opportunities.

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Experience how easy it is to manage a customized platform and access your information on demand.


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It’s not complicated

We know that sometimes you don’t want to add one more thing to your to-do list. So let’s start with an action plan for setting up and customizing your organization’s branded digital business card platform.

Don’t have your Digital Business Card yet?

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Of course, you can start your journey with a free trial.

We provide software-as-a-solution (SAAS) platforms, because one size does not fit all.

Pick the platform that best serves your needs, and remember to try our demos

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It is not complicated

Digital Business Cards Solve Problems and Save You Money.

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